Raining In The Rainforest

Raining In The Rainforest

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Bhima the water dragon and all our dancing brought us rain. The creek is flowing so we are super excited to get up there and see the forest changing.

We are inviting you to come camp in the Forest with us and tend to the land, create some magic and enjoy the company of others. Location is Wherrol Flat which is 4-5 hours north of Sydney.

We suggest a donation of minimum $5 per person. That covers site expenses, fuel for the generator and transporting water etc. Please make a donation via this link here - https://events.undiscovered.com.au/events/raining-in-the-rainforest

We will have Bhima’s sound system running and a Pioneer RX2 decks if anyone would like to play some tunes.

We will be gardening along the creek line so bring some gloves and suitable clothing plus footwear if you’d like to help.

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