For A Few Burners More
9 Thursday

For A Few Burners More

For A Few Burners More

Thu, 9th Jun 2022 to Mon, 13th Jun 2022
12:00 pm to 12:00 pm

Capertee Valley

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Well folks, Sunset Town is coming back for, you guessed it... more burners.

We've loaded the wagons and are heading out for more.

More music, more entertainment, more speakers and a few more of you wonderful souls.

While we're on the subject of more, it can get pretty chilly up in the valley, so we're going to have a lot more fire outside we have our toasty indoor Saloon Bar. Definitely pack your fur coats though.. you will need them! With multiple bonfires and and a fistful of those gorgeously trippy fire barrels scattered around town, we'll be as warm and fuzzy as a new fawn. 

Fire we got... and then some.

Our Saloon Bar will again be a gifting bar and this time it will be complete with a brand new sexy bar top for sliding shots of whisky across just like the ol days!

And we be having lots more of that stuff too we can tell you now! At Sunset Town the Rye whisky flows, but if that's not your thing, bring a bottle of your choice to donate and we'll mix it for you. The Spoon Saloon is having lots of work done to it as we speak both inside and around so it will be even more fabulous this time out.

We absolutely loved an appreciated our workshops last time, and we're planning to add more to the weekend with a few surprises in store. With Monday a public holiday, there is no need to run off home early so you can enjoy the program right until the end.

Please note: We're keeping things more grassroots to begin with for this one, meaning if there's anyone you'd like to join us, please send this directly to them. However,  please help out by not sharing widely on socials and let them know to keep it tight and in the family. Thanks partners.

A portion of every ticket goes to tree planting and improving the habitat for the very magical and critically endangered Regent Honeyeater which resides on the property and has been observed breeding very close to Sunset Town which is super special.

Plus as always tickets contribute to Sunset Town infrastructure which we hope to share with multiple camps moving forward and of course our ability to gift to the community at things like Burning Seed... and weather Seed officially happens or not for us we are fundraising for something we promise.

We've got many surprises in store that we'll keep up our sleeves for now,  but we can tell you we're opening up some further camping areas this time, including a lush quiet camping spot. As for the other stuff, you'll be hearing more soon through the wires.

That's it for now folks... time for y'all to get planning your next journey to Sunset Town.

With a wink and a buckle,

Sunset Crew


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For A Few Burners More

Thu, 9th Jun 2022
12:00 pm (AEST)

Mon, 13th Jun 2022
12:00 pm (AEST)

Happened about 2 years ago

Sunset Town

Capertee Valley

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