Beaconing of the Beast
2 Friday

Beaconing of the Beast

Bhima's Nest

Fri, 2nd Aug 2019 to Mon, 5th Aug 2019
12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Mandalong NSW, Australia

Camping  Dance Party  Weekender 
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Come help beacon the bellowing blustering beast. Bow down to the dragon and call the wildness forward.

We gather to bring forth the destructive dominance of our friendly dragon. Come save us from that which no longer serves us. Come save us from our fears. Take them from us and burn them up. Transmute these binds into liberation and freedom. Come Bhima bring us joy and happiness.

We gather on the weekend of the 2nd to the 5th. To combine our energies, to combine our intentions, to combine our love to bring forth our friendly beast.

Bhima’s nest is set on 40 acres of privately owned land in a sweet little valley in Mandalong. Mandalong is 1.5-2hours from Sydney. There are some neighbours who we would like to respect so we will be turning the subs off at around 11pm which is when a different enchanting style of visual and acoustic magic shall begin.

Gate opens from midday on Friday. We will be there setting up and you’re welcome to come and join us. Friday night will be pretty chill relaxing into the space and enjoying a quieter evening.

Stay tuned for our line up which will be announced shortly.

? W H A T S // O N ?

➕Live & electronic music - Program Starts Saturday morning and runs until Sunday 10pm

➕Immersive art, lighting and production

➕There will be fire and things will be burnt


➕Face & Body painting

➕Free compliments

➕Random acts of kindness

➕A fire breathing dragon

➕Incredible sunrise ?

? Club membership. ?

To attend this event you need to be a fully paid member of our club, Bhima the Dragon’s Flora, Fauna and Arts Incorporated (referred to in these objects as BDFFAA.)

This event we are hosting is a free event for members of the club. Only fully paid members will be allow to attend our free event. We will be having our annual general meeting at the event so you can vote on items that will be on the agenda.

The membership fee is $100 per quarter.

Here are the objectives of the club.

Be an independent and representative body of the members of BDFFAA

Promote and communicate knowledge and information to and amongst the members of BDFFAA

Provide an effective voice for the members of BDFFAA

Operate a bank account for the benefit of members of BDFFAA

Facilitating and inculcating an ethos of high standards of professional and ethical practices amongst BDFFAA members,

To support the personal development of people of the New South Wales through arts and culture.

To promote and support art and culture for the benefit of all people of New South Wales.

Strengthening partnerships and networks to increase and support community involvement in sustainable natural resource management.

Promote community action which protects and rehabilitates the native flora and fauna of NSW; and

Protect, enhance and rehabilitate the natural environment in both urban and rural areas;

Doing such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects.

What is the membership fee for? Where does the money go?

Earning money is not easy, we know, so we understand spending it wisely is very important. Bhima is a massive artistic undertaking and the expenses to bring Bhima to life have been huge… so it would be good to pay back some of those monies, but the truth is, Grant loves spending all the monies on Bhima. So most of the money will be spent on making Bhima even more ridiculously awesome. Some will go into cost to run our club. We have so many ideas and when we have funds, we love bringing them into reality. So your contribution is helping to bring to life art that instills a sense of awe and wonder, which inspires people, which makes people happy. Plus well its a double decker fire breathing dragon bus why not invest your hard earned cash into it. We need more ridiculous things like this in our lives.

Some of the latest things we are spending money on are..

Bhima has a new friend, Ollie the Iveco. Ollie is going to make the job of getting Bhima to events much much easier. We need to pay for Ollie’s new engine, rego, tyres and insurance.

Bhima also needs a new set of tires - they are not cheap…

Other expense include continued improvement to our sound system, lighting, visuals and decor.

Plus just this week we acquired our new pop up bar/kitchen. It is literally a pop up caravan that we are turning into a space to serve treats from. Woohoo… excited to see that come to life.

Your donation will also help us put on more gatherings and parties. We have made a decision to limit hiring of equipment, it is a waste of money. We are also very careful with any funds we have. We research all the best options before buying anything. We need to make sure every dollar counts because we are passionate about making great art that lasts and can easily be reused. So your money is going to be used very wisely and not be wasted. Your gift will be a gift that keeps on giving. We thank you, Bhima thanks you and the community thanks you.

✅H O U S E // K E E P I N G ✅

➕RESPECT the land, each other, and everything around you

➕ Strictly LEAVE NO TRACE event. This is EVERYONE’S responsibility! Pack wisely. There is no cleaning crew so please help and keep the land beautiful

➕Bring cup, crockery & cutlery

➕Children welcome if supervised by an adult at all times,

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Bhima's Nest

Fri, 2nd Aug 2019
12:00 pm (AEST)

Mon, 5th Aug 2019
6:00 pm (AEST)

Happened about 4 years ago

Bhima's Nest

Mandalong NSW, Australia

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