The Good, The Bad and The Burners
The Good, The Bad and The Burners

The Good, The Bad and The Burners

Sunset Town Easter Long Weekend
Thu, 6th Apr 2023 to Mon, 10th Apr 2023
12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
$200 - 250
Camping  Community 
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Ladies and Gentlemen. Goodies and Baddies, Hippies, Wizards and Weirdos.

Lovers, Dreamers, Dancers. Workers and Wanters, Bosses and Boofheads.

Gorgeous Georges, Fantastic Fionas and whatever letters or adjectives you’ve been lumbered with this time.

This Easter long weekend we invite you all to journey over the hills to a land out West we call Sunset Town.

Because deep down we’re all Burners, even if we don’t know it yet.

After many pilgrimages to our Home away from Home the time has come and the time is right and rave we must.

The Saloon has been empty too many moons.

The river flows along without you and the birds and the animals are lonely.

We have four days (or more if you are able) to get back to nature and camp in that special valley like no other.

We have a new Sunset Shack to build and it calls for hands to help and hips to dance into the sunset.

We have fires to light and meals to share. Trails to blaze and relaxing places to discover.

The possibilities really could be endless. Trust us, we’ve been looking.

Like any town Sunset Town is a place that gathers to it people that become a community.

At Sunset Town things are guided by the ten principles of Burning Man.

  • We Gift, We Express and We Respect.
  • We Participate, We Welcome and We Leave No Trace on the land.
  • We celebrate being far away from the bother of the world and strive to live with a spirit of Immediacy.
  • We look after ourselves and we look out for each other.
  • We work together and We have our shit together.
  • Then we let the freedom of being in a place like this wash over our souls and We Dance our butts off!


We always invite collaboration, it doesn’t matter how big or small.

As the saying goes it takes all kinds to make a town so reach out with your ideas and we’ll be sure to spring lots of surprises from friends far and wide upon you. It’s how we roll.

We would love for you join us as we return to that special place. 3.5 hours due West of Sydney in the worlds largest Valley.

Welcome to Sunset Town …. Where the Sun Always Sets In The West!

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Sunset Town Easter Long Weekend

Thu, 6th Apr 2023
12:00 pm (AEST)

Mon, 10th Apr 2023
10:00 pm (AEST)

Happened about 10 months ago

Sunset Town

Wild West

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$200 - 250

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Sunset Camping and Environmental Association Inc.
Sunset Camping and Environmental Association Inc.
Sunset Town is a Burning Seed Australia theme camp, loved by many as the Sunset destination at Burning Seed.

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